Jesus, Savior

Jesus, savior

Lord of all

The one who speaks

The one who calls


Calls from darkness

Into light

From law of sin

To eternal life


Jesus, savior

Gods final word

You have spoken

I have heard


You are speaking

Truth and grace

“Come and see me

Face to face”


Jesus, savior

You are with me

By your Spirit

I am set free


Free from sin

Its power and cost

Now you send me

To the dead and lost


Jesus, savior

Mans only hope

The God who saves

Is the God who spoke


By your gospel

We are saved

From wrath and hell

And from the grave


Jesus, savior

Speak, O Lord

To all you’ve chosen

To all you’ve called


As you speak Lord

We will hear

With each instruction

You are there.


Jesus, savior

My God and King

Into your kingdom

Us you bring


Give us ears

And eyes that see

All you’re saying

To us, to me.


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