Fear not the Judgement

Out of Zion
Gods holy hill
His light shines forth
He shows His will

He’ll come to us
The Word made flesh
To give us rest

A rest from sin
And all our pride
through rugged cross
To Fathers side

He comes to judge
At end of days
With rod and rule
Judging our wills

He shall gather
Faithful and true
All the redeemed
Those who endure

By covenant
He makes His own
By Lamb of God
And mercy shown

Hear saints of His
Lend now your ear
His voice obey
There’s naught to fear

For on the day
That judgement rings
for you one stands
Your Lord and King

Jesus the Christ
The lamb was slain
Our curse He bore
His life we gain

Jesus will come
And on that day
In Him you’ll trust
Him you’ll obey

For He shines forth
From mt zion
As lamb of God
And given Son

Our evil due
He makes His own
No blame had He
And sin not known

He bears the curse
Hangs on a tree
That His people
Totally free

Through Lamb of God
Who takes away
All we are owed
To stand that day

No merit ours
How could we claim
When ‘twas on Him
Our death and shame

In Him alone
We stand set free
No judgement fear
This: Jubilee

Fresh courage take
The death you dread
Is lifted off
He once was dead

He lives, He lives
Empty tomb tells
Our death He died
Now all is well

We need not fear
The coming King
For with that day
Our hope He’ll bring

Our hope in Christ
In Him to live
For those He died
Life to them gives

Fear not you saints
Of His delight
No judgement fear
For all is right

All we are due
On Him did fall
For everyone
Chosen by call

A mighty king
Is our savior
In that great day
Of his favour

Though we be blessed
With crowns and thrones
The greatest prize
Is Him alone


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