His Will We Want to Know

How can we know the will of God?
He seems so far away
Yet for those He holds so close
He will not let them stray

The will of God a mystery is
Yet we can know for sure
That all His plans are well in line
For He who’s true and pure

His will for us we want to know
For this we struggle on
And yet He plans He has revealed
In the person of His Son

It was the will of our great God
To crush His Son to death
That we might be a thankful church
That thanks Him for each breath


For this the will of Almighty God
That we in Christ our Lord
Be thankful in everything
In thought, in deed, in word


The depths of His eternal plan
To us  seem so aloof
Yet this our duty at the least
Is to trust Him for the truth


We’re safe in our Lord Jesus Christ
He holds us in His hand
And everything that comes to pass
Is all part of His plan


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