Some Questions

Where did God live,

Before He made sky?

What about compost,

If nothing would die?


Where were the stars,

When the sun came to play?

How did He hang them?

With what did He splay?


How did He make forests?

And why all the green?

Did the trees fall so loudly,

When by man unseen?


How did man like it,

Everything new?

Was the greatest of sights,

When God was in view?


What was it like,

In cool of the day?

When walking with YHWH,

And hearing Him “say”?


“No suitable helper?”

“No creature a match?”

“No one to help Adam,

Tend to the patch?”


How did the man sleep,

While God was at work?

How’d He take a side

And to woman convert?


Who was there listening,

When God said “All Good!”?

Who knew Gods language,

Who understood?


What was God doing,

Before He said “Let…”?

And if it’s all very good,

Then why the regret?


Why did it grieve Him

That He had made man?

What was the flood,

If sin was in plan?


From whence came the serpent,

And who let it in?

How did it tempt her,

Authoring sin?


Why’d God say to Adam,

“Where are you son?”?

“Why was I naked,

Where could I run?”


“To whom would you go,

If not back to me?

How can I fix this,

The thing with the tree?”


To whom was He speaking

When He mentioned the seed?

Why to the serpent?

What was that need?


Why of the woman,

Would solution come?

Why a messiah?

Or, Why a son?


When did He know,

The wonderful plan?

When sin’d be defeated,

As God became man?


Why do I wonder,

These questions of old?

Where in the Bible,

Are the answers told?


What page holds the answers?

What is the key?

To satisfy questions,

That aren’t just from me


How do we ask them?

To whom do we go?

As we read ‘the story’

How will knowledge grow?


How is faith authored,

As He takes His word?

Does faith come by hearing,

And believing what’s heard?


How many’s too many,

To ask of the book?

And who is that saying,

“Look again, look!”?


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