Genesis 11

They build a tower

Reaching to God

Way east of Eden

In land of Nimrod


There they used brick

In the absence of stone

But more than its height

They wanted its throne


A city and tower

Stretched to the sky


“If scattered, we’ll die”


Instead of mortar

A by-product of oil

More suited for roads

Than the sweat of their toil


Vainly they built

And YHWH came down

He scattered the people

From Tower and Town


“Behold they are one,

Their sin would increase,

If left to themselves,

All would decease


“I scatter in mercy,

According to plan

There’d be no Messiah

With extinct man.”


Dispersing broadly

Through all the earth

From one remote corner

Would come Jesus’ birth


His judgement at Babel

A thing of great grace

To disperse the people

Across planets face


Though He has scatter

He gathers them in

As Jesus came serving,

To die for their sin


No man-made tower

With Jesus the door

To live with a great name

To live evermore


The tower, a threat

To God’s great plan

To bring a Messiah

Born as a man


He scattered in promise

Preserving a seed

The seed of the woman

To crush serpents head.



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