Promise and Laughter

“Old man,”
He said
“You’ll have a son.”

“A son?”
He laughed
“My days are done.”

“A son,”
He said
“To you, old lady”

“To me?”
She laughed
“I’ll have a baby?”

“Too hard?”
He said
“Too hard for me?”

“Too old”
They cried
“How can it be?”

“Next year,”
He said
“About this time”

“Oh yeah?”
They scoffed
“We’re well passed prime”

“You’ll see”
He said
“More than the sand”

“To us?”
They asked
“Is that your plan?”

“It is”
He said
“And you’re a part”

“A son”
They said
“To bless Your heart?”

“He will”
He said
“I send my own”

“Your son?”
They spoke
“To take a throne”

“A cross”
He said
“Will crown His head”

“To die?”
They said
“Not might instead?”

“My plan”
He said
“For my glory”

“And us?”
They asked
“In that story?”


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