Bully Beat Down

A giant of a man
With giant shield
And sword in hand
Enemies would yield

The living God to defy
“I’ll enslave you all”
Was his battle cry
If Israel were to fall…

An army struck by fright
None could a giant slay
One that didn’t come to fight
Rather, bringing lunch that day

Kings armour was too big
His weapons sling and stone
Giant could snap him like a twig
He knew “I’m not alone”

Right between the eyes
A stone, a deathly blow
Now where giant lies
Gods great power to show

Severed now the giants head
By lunch delivery boy
He came with meat and bread
He left with songs of joy

While towering over men
Goliath in his boast
His taunt, and brag, and then…
By stone the battle lost

Outwardly a giant
Versus a runty teen
Slayer of defiant
Yahweh’s victory seen

A bully beat down


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