Sons of Israel

Joseph and his favoured coat

And then the dreams

Through which he’d gloat


Down the hole by angered bros

Sold as a slave

To serve Pharaohs


Saying “no” to seducing female

Angered pharaoh’s wife

False accusations led to jail


Interprets dreams while inside

Growing reputation

Now by Pharaohs side


Prince of Egypt and royal place

Hunger brothers came

Before son of Rachel’s face


By brothers he’s not recognised

Yet mercy shown

To the worthily despised


He pines for his little brother

Of the same dad

But a different mother


He must come before y’all go free

Then he thought

“They still don’t know its me”


To Egypt then came all his clan

Saved from famine

By gracious plan


Evil plot had ten sons of Israel

To kill and trade

But all worked well


Messiahs line again preserved

By Egypt’s prince

And food conserved


Greater yet a sovereign hand

Cares for His seed

In a foreign land


    • Sons of Israel – –

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