A Loose Reflection on Psalm 77

Can I cry aloud,
Without speaking?
Can I shout in silence,
Your favour pleading?

Can I find rest,
With eyelids open?
Can I seek you,
Though compass broken?

Will you hear,
Through silent prayer?
Will you give sleep,
To a wayward sheep?

Can I know grace,
When full of pride?
Can I know mercy,
When from you I hide?

Can I find you,
As you I seek?
Can I know you,
Through the words you speak?

Will you give grace,
Though I flee your face?
Will you draw near,
When I won’t hear?

Can I recall,
Your mighty deeds?
Can I remember,
And your words heed?

Can I proclaim,
Your power and might?
Can I use the quiet,
Of darkest night?

Will you remind,
Of how you’re kind?
Will you call,
From a watchman’s wall?

    • A Loose Reflection on Psalm 77 – –

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