Beehive Sails

Wellington vs Auckland – Beehive Sails

Invercargill had not been my only home.  In 2002, I moved to Wellington, where I lived for 7 months.  But I had done so alone and with little.

Moving to Auckland would mean the need to establish a home for myself and my family.  By this stage, we were three.  Benjamin would be born a couple months after our arrival in Auckland.  We wanted to be settled well before then.

We sold most of our earthly goods in order to finance our move to Auckland and our subsequent need to establish a home.

It was after staying with Ashley’s dad for a few weeks before we signed a tenancy agreement.  The rental market in Auckland is a hard market to be in.  We have times where we would ring a rental manager in the morning, to view a property in the next few hours.  By the time we got there to have a look, the listing had been filled.

Despite the fact that we had moved around a bit while living in Invercargill, we never had to house-hunt with haste or hassle.

beehive sails









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