Hillary’s Law Calls for Parental Notification

Having faced the attempted suicide of her teenage daughter, kiwi mum petitioned the government, asking that there be a law change.  Hillary’s Law calls for parental notification in cases where there teenage daughters are taken by education providers for abortions.

Sadly, the Select Committee decided the consequences of parents knowing what’s happening to their daughters is not something they are willing to contend with.  Instead, it’s better that no parent know what’s going on.

This is my poetic reflection:

Hillary’s Law Parental Notification

So your daughter needs a panadol

There is a much greater toll

In things of which you ought to know


She’s going on a school field trip

For that you’ll sign a permission slip

While others are lead away

Hillary's Law Parental Notification

Hillary is lost for words

Like her voice has not been heard

Other’s silenced too


Why can’t they know about their girls?

When treated like stolen pearls

Why darkness must you remain?


Kiwi parents, they ought to know

When daughters dealt a massive blow

That often proves too much


Daughters being whisked away

During the darkness of the day

To have more than just a panadol


What do they think behind closed doors?

When loving kiwi mum implores

To care is first to know


It’s not a question of consent

When innocence is being spent

One knows and so one cares


Hillary’s law has been shot down

Makes MP’s sadistic clowns

While daughters cry in darkness.



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